Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Senator Chuck Graham

Senator Chuck Graham has effectively and quickly made it to the top of my poo list. He has consistently blocked the Midwifery bill for a long time now and it needs to STOP!! I don't know why he is so dead set against women's rights, but he is....
He has brought up some of the dumbest arguments I've heard yet. Of course, there's the same old stand by - safety - even though ALL the research points to Midwifery. Yes, there is no evidence whatsoever to support the theory that hospital birth is safer than a planned homebirth with a Midwife. There is research that shows the opposite, however, this doesn't matter to Graham. Then there's the training issue. According to Graham, in order to become a Midwife, I only have to take an internet course and bam, I'm good. Well, sorry to disappoint you Mr. Graham, but again you're way wrong...He said at a recent filibuster he researched the requirements for becoming a Certified Professional Midwife and couldn't find any. He said that NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) didn't have any information on their training-well, duh! They don't provide the training, only the testing!! If you look up the SAT's or ACT's, they don't tell you about schooling because they're not a school-only a test.
Wake up and smell the coffee beans Chuck!!! This is a vital issue and those of us you're stomping on will not go away...We'll keep coming back year after year and we'll do our best to make sure you don't get re-elected. We may not have the big bucks like Dr.'s but we DO VOTE!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lobbying at the Capitol

Yesterday my friend and I went to the Capitol to lobby for the Midwifery bill. For more information on this bill, click here. It was so frustrating to be told, yet again, that I am too stupid to make an informed decision about where and with whom to give birth. What right does anyone, especially a man who will NEVER give birth, have to tell me what I can and can not do with my body? Birth is such a sacred event and used to be viewed as such. Women in the childbearing year were revered and honored as the blessed beings they were. Now days, though, we are treated like a diseased person who has a tumor that needs to be removed.
Representative Brad Robinson said he could not support our bill because his doctors had shown him some bad transfers from homebirths. When asked for specifics, he could not think of any. Of course, he was trying to watch some sports on TV so maybe he just didn't hear the question correctly. We asked him what about women's rights? He said "I am for some women's rights"!!! Remember this ladies, Rep. Brad Robinson only supports SOME of your rights. If you'd like to send him a comment, click here.
Kudos to Representative Steve Hodges for supporting our bill. He welcome us into his office and even gave us a parting gift, locally grown rice! Send him a little thank you.
If you live in the Campbell area or surrounding communities, please contact Representative Thomas Todd. He needs to know that those of you in his area want Midwifery decriminalized!
Representative Scott Lipke listened to our points very well but was upfront that he wasn't supportive. I think we made some good headway with helping him understand our position but didn't change his mind. He needs some positive contacts and more education. His concerns were the same old safety, education, and liability. Feel free to remind him, as we did, that there is NO evidence anywhere that hospitals are safer for birthing women-only evidence of the other way around. Again, if you are from his area PLEASE contact him so he knows how important this issue is to you. He seems to be under the impression that homebirth and Midwifery aren't very popular in his area.
All in all, I'm glad we went up there but I always leave angry at the way I've been treated. No one is ever outwardly rude, but it's there just below the surface. I feel as if I'm constantly being told that my right and my opinion doesn't matter. Well, it does! Furthermore, research, history, and personal experience are all on my side.