Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Governor signs HB818

Well, the governor has done it! He signed HB818 and legalized CPM's!!! A small portion of our rights have been restored. Thank you Governor Blunt. Thank you Senator Loudon for standing up for us at such a high cost to your political career. So many people have worked long and hard for so many years to see this law changed and while it's not exactly what we would have wanted, it will work for now. This is only the beginning. Now we have to work twice as hard to make sure this law sticks and no opposing forces take it away again. But for right now, women and families across the state are taking a deep sigh of relief.
For me personally, this is a two-fold victory. It not only opens the door for my future births and those of my children, but it gives me the opportunity to pursue my chosen profession without fear of going to prison. WooHoo!!!
Blessings and Peace

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