Saturday, January 19, 2008

2008 Legislative Session

That's right, the time has come upon us to yet again fight the good fight. This year's legislative session promises to be interesting. Why?
First, the Missouri Supreme Court should be hearing arguments for/against the constitutionality of a single sentence put into a bill that Governor Blunt signed into law last summer. You remember, the one that had the "obscure" term tocology (quick, google it and see how long it takes you to find the definition) in it. The one that finally restored Missouri women's right to have a Midwife attended birth. The one the Missouri State Medical Association, among others, is wasting our tax dollars fighting against.

Second, two bills are up that support Midwifery. Representative Cynthia Davis (thank you, Cynthia) has filed HB1600, which removes Midwifery from the definition of the practice of medicine.
A Representative and Senator John Loudon are both filing Midwifery licensure bills. Thanks guys!
Third, and pooh, two bills are filed two repeal the tocology provision that passed last session.
Senator John Loudon filed SB870 and Representative Dr. Bob Onder filed HB1643. It is imperative to the ongoing legal battle, as well as Missouri families and Midwives, that these bills be defeated.
Write your legislators, write your local papers, visit the Captitol, and tell anyone who will listen how you feel about this subject.
"We will overcome"
Blessings and Peace

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