Monday, February 11, 2008

Sucked In

I've been sucked in, I admit it. I've been looking daily at what other people are saying about ACOG's lovely position statement on homebirth. It's great. Usually, I have to search through mountains of crap before I get to what I'm looking for. Not on this topic. The women have spoken on this issue, and let me tell you, they're pissed!
In an unfortunate way, ACOG may have just paved the way for Midwifery to get the recognition it deserves. I have yet to see one positive comment about this statement (well, unless you count the she-devil of obstetrics, Dr. Amy, who seems to spend very little time actually practicing medicine as she is so busy blogging about us horrible, ignorant, lying homebirth advocates). Anyone who's involved with Midwifery in Missouri has known for at least the past three years that homebirth advocates are not a group of people to be messed with, but now I think the web world is finding this out. This statement was very close to a personal attack on anyone who chooses homebirth and I think many are taking it as such. Was it their intention to call us idiots? Did they mean to suggest that our mental, emotional, and physical health means nothing so long as our babies are healthy?
All women who want to have options for childbirth, at least more than the standard epidural or demerol, ice chips or popsicles, sitting in bed or laying down; have just been told that the only option that is safe and acceptable is accepting what ACOG says is safe and acceptable.
Excuse me for a moment but just who the F*%K do you think you are? Who are you, mighty obstetricians (who had to learn from Midwives) to tell me where, when, and with whom to have my baby? Safety aside, if I want to squat down on my front porch and pop my kid out for anyone passing by to see~it's my right! My vagina is not yours to command.

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