Monday, October 12, 2009


As a birth activist in an area rampant with birth hostility, misinformation, lies and propaganda, it can be hard to keep hope alive. During my pregnancy, I took time for myself and tried not to think about the hundreds of other women in the area who were not getting the wonderful care I was. Now that my baby is getting older, I feel the familiar pull of other women....calling me back to birth work, calling me with their questions, their fear, their unknowns. I'm not yet ready to leave my little cherub for these ladies full time, but I'm working my way back to them.
I feel the hope that we can change the birth culture. One woman, one birth story, at a time. I feel the hope that more women are waking up, asking questions, seeking the kind of care they deserve. I feel the hope that our group can flourish and educate. I feel the hope that change is on the horizon.

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