Thursday, August 9, 2007

Court Ruling

The courts have yet again struck down Midwifery. The judge officially ruled the Midwifery provision in HB818 to be unconstitutional. Could someone please explain to me exactly how legalizing Midwifery does NOT affect lowering health care costs for Missouri families?? It is a major way to cut costs!! Imagine spending only a few thousand dollars as opposed to tens of thousands for having a baby. That's right, a typical Midwife fee might be $2000-$5000, whereas an OB plus hospital stay will be at least $5000, if not more. UGH! I am frustrated and angry. I understand that the judge was not necessarily slamming Midwifery or its many benefits, but it's still a step backwards and now we have to work twice as hard to try to get it legalized again. However, we will persevere. I have hope that someday women and families will be able to choose the birth and attendants they want without fear of prosecution.
Blessings and Peace

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