Friday, August 3, 2007

Free the Midwives Rally

Yesterday my friends and I travelled to Jeff City for the Midwifery Rally. It was a very interesting experience, as going up there always is. First we sat on the Capitol steps with signs to show our support for the legal status of Midwives. Then we walked over to the library (which has an amazing kids area) to view the "Business of Being Born". What an inspirational movie. I laughed, I cried, I got angry. Two thumbs up. After that, we went back to the Capitol for a rally in the Rotunda and listened to a few guest speakers. We got an update on the court hearing (you know, the one where the MSMA is throwing a hissy fit because Missouri women finally got back a small portion of their basic human rights.). As it currently stands, a decision should be handed down by next Friday. The question for the judge is no longer what we've been asking for over fifty years, "should Midwives be legal?", but has now changed to "Should Midwives be illegal again?" It was extremely hot and the kids did really well, but it is always difficult to go up there and not get angry at the state of our rights. I just want to scream from the steps, "What gives anyone the authority to tell me what I can and can't do with my own body?" But I don't, for so many reasons. One can only hope that somewhere along the way another brave person in power, like Senator Loudon, will stand up for what is right and not for what makes the most money. Until then, us little people (the ones whose voices are supposed to matter the most) will keep schlepping ourselves to various functions, writing letters, and talking to anyone who will listen about the state of affairs for Missouri Midwives.
Blessings and Peace


The Rogue Midwife said...

Hey, I was there...maybe we met?

Summer said...

I remember seeing you but don't think we actually met. I think I've heard your name tossed around a few times. Are you planning to attend the FoMM retreat next month?